Nice to meet you.

Every business has a story, and ours began in 1977.

At Plancher Metropole, we strive for perfection. Every board, every tongue and groove; we treat your home as if it were our own. For over 45 years, it’s been our most sincere pleasure to help homeowners realize their dream; taking their breath away time after time.

If it’s made of wood, it’s our specialty; words we’ve lived by for decades. We make every effort to ensure premium quality; no matter the project, no matter the size. Renovating your home is no small endeavour. Nor is it an investment to be taken lightly.

We’ve seen many homeowners distraught by the inconveniences of renovations, and take great pride in the opportunity we have to bring them peace of mind, and a home they’ll love for years to come.


Experience takes time and we have 40 years of it!


where we're at

Celebrating 40 years of business, we’re excited to have expanded our services and staff since 1977. We strive to continue to grow, and continue building our great reputation by delivery amazing results!

where we started

It’s been 40 years since Plancher Metropole began providing quality flooring services at great prices. Nothing about our priorities have changed since then; we still believe in delivering exceptional results to all our customers!

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to offer high-quality customer service and wood finishing products that stay on top of market trends and meet our customers’ needs.