• How much time does it take to complete production and installation of my staircase?

    From the beginning we’ll plan an appropriate timeline that will be respected so you can anticipate the length of the project and be able to properly plan around it. The actual time of the project varies depending on the style and finishing of the staircase.

  • Will the installation or restoration of my staircase be messy for my home?

    Majority of renovations involves sanding, and power tools that generate dust. We’ll help you properly plan for the excess dust to protect your belongings.

  • How much space will be needed for the installer?

    Our team will need sufficient space around the staircase, it’s advisable to move any furnishings around the staircase to free up space. With limited space comes extra work and time.

  • What is the difference between a pre-finish staircase and applying finish on-site?

    Unlike applying the finish on-site, a staircase prepared prior to installation is already baked and dried eliminating bad smells within the house.

  • How do I choose the right color for my staircase?

    Your staircase usually matches the color of your floor, and our professionals can help you get the perfect match. We also offer a wide range of custom colors and finishes.

  • Is a staircase railing mandatory in Quebec?

    Handrails or a ramp is not required for interior staircases of two (2) risers or less serving a single dwelling. For all others, the railing is mandatory on one side when the stairwell has a width less than 1100 mm (43 5/16 in.).

  • Is there a standard height of a railing?

    Railings in your home need to have a minimum height of 900 mm (35 7/16 in.) across. The height is measured from the top of the railing to the top of the stair.

  • What is the measurement of the space between the railing balusters?

    The maximum opening allowed in a guardrail must not allow an object of more than 100 mm (4 in.) to pass through.

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