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When you work with wood for most of your life, you tend to pick up a thing or two. We began to see the value that professional woodworking, in its various forms, can bring to a home. We’ve seen peripheral fixtures tie a room together time and time again, and homeowners finally getting the finished product they had imagined all along.

We’ve spent the majority of our professional careers refining our techniques and processes on some of the most difficult projects in the woodworking industry. We love having the opportunity to bring a heightened level of quality when applying the finishing touches on a room.

With us, woodworking holds no secrets

We are delighted to be able to offer you a wide range of woodworking services that require the expertise that only a team with over 40 years of experience can provide.

Baseboards & Quarter Rounds

Predominantly acting as the seam between your floors and walls, baseboard & quarter round quality is often overlooked during renovations. For whatever reason, imperfections in these peripheral pieces catch the eye and can really detract from the overall clean look of your space.

We take our lifetime’s experience in woodworking and throw it at even the smallest of projects to ensure you see perfection in your finished product.

Crown Mouldings

We’ve seen countless instances of good looking rooms turning into great looking rooms, simply through the addition of crown mouldings. The unfortunate reality is that not every ceiling is perfectly flat, nor is every corner 90 degrees. We’ve come to expect these imperfections and have adapted our processes accordingly. Mastering crown mouldings takes a mind that operates just as well upside-down and backwards, as rightside-up and forwards. We’ve been honing this skill for decades.

We take our lifetime’s experience in woodworking and throw it at even the smallest of projects to ensure you see perfection in your finished product.

Door Installation

What dictates the fundamental functionality of a door over its lifespan? We look to the source; the door frame. We’ve found that improperly installed door frames can lead to scuffed flooring and ground-down frames over time due to a house’s volatility. Slight shifts in the framework caused by inadequate fastening may cause damage to your doors surrounding fixtures over time.

We’re strong proponents of doing things right the first time, to give you long-term peace of mind.

More woodworking services!

If it’s made of wood, it’s our specialty. Have a need for a specific wooden fixture? Give us a call and we’ll tell you how our lifetime of experience can handle the job!

Quality and customer-satisfaction is, and always will be, our primary focus in all fixture installations and restorations.

Serving the greater Montreal area, we can professionally install or restore your wood-fixtures. That’s premium quality service at a competitive price!

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