Home Renovations

At Plancher Metropole, we turn audacious goals into tangible results. We take great pride in the opportunity we have to bring homeowners’ visions to life.

We are proud to offer the following home renovation services:

  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Basement Renovations
  • Living Space Renovations

No renovation project is too ambitious for the Plancher Metropole team

Your home should be a monument to your individuality, but making it so means getting your hands dirty; that’s where we come in. With over 40 years in the renovation industry, we’ve seen countless homes, been thrown innumerable curveballs, and overcome a plethora of obstacles.

This is not to suggest that we believe nothing will surprise us anymore, as every home is remarkably unique under the surface. However, we’ve refined our problem-solving process over a near half-century. We strongly believe that experience is the only real important factor when dealing with the unpredictability of a house’s infrastructure, and the true determinant of how quick of a turn-around you can expect.

Serving the greater Montreal area, we provide professional, uncompromised home renovation services at competitive prices that you, as a homeowner, will love.

Our process for bathroom, kitchen and other home renovations


We will sit down with you to evaluate to what degree your intentions are compatible with what’s realistically possible given your budget and your home’s existing structure.

We strongly value transparency, and want to ensure that your expectations align with the end result. We’ll help to inform your vision, and guide it based on how you can best allocate your budget.


The unfortunate reality of renovations is that, we need to tear it down, to build it up. We understand that this process can be disruptive to your living conditions, and as such, place a great deal of emphasis on getting it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Framework, Drywall, Flooring, Structural

If it’s made of wood, it’s our specialty; words we’ve lived by for decades. Over that time, we’ve learned the hidden but crucial difference between doing things right, and doing the right things. We call on this experience day after day to deliver unparalleled results that are unmistakably “Plancher Metropole”.

Plumbing & Electrical

Working in the industry for as long as we have, you meet a lot of people, create a lot of relationships, and form powerful partnerships. Partnerships with some of the best plumbing and electrical specialists the greater Montreal area has to offer. We’re tying all the essential services into one complete package for your peace of mind.


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