Professional Flooring

With over 40 years experience in flooring installation and restoration, we can guarantee that you’ll receive results with uncompromised professionalism. Whether you need installation or restoration, of hardwood or floating floors, we’ll transform any room in your home into a space you can be proud of.

We’re always refining and improving upon our techniques to provide a flawless finish to all floor restorations and new wood floor installations. We also seal, polish and varnish the floor in the colour of your choice. We are here to ensure that your new floor meets all of your expectations, and we will dedicate the time and focus to the project that you, as a homeowner, deserve.   

Our state of the art techniques and equipment ensure that your home is left with an amazing look, and substantially increased value, and a fixture that can endure years of wear with little to no depreciation. Quality and customer-satisfaction is, and always will be, our primary focus in all flooring installations and restorations.

Serving the greater Montreal area, we can professionally install or restore your floor. That’s premium quality service at a competitive price!

Our Process

Floor Refinishing

  1. Sand
    This is a 2 or 3 step sanding depending on your intention to stain the final product. We start with a rough grit to ensure a level surface, and gradually move to finer grits to eliminate imperfections. We typically complete the sanding of 1,000 square feet per day, depending on the complexity of the layout. 
  2. Seal
    The sealant, or protective layer, is applied on the same day the sanding occurred, to ensure that the newly sanded floor is protected from damage and debris during the renovation process. The sealant dry time is near-immediate.
  3. Polish
    Polishing is done after the application of the sealant, and after every coat of varnish applied to the floor. Typically first done the day after the sealant is applied, the polishing step gives your floor a premium look and feel.
  4. Varnish
    Varnishing your floor will give it a coloured tone. Depending on the chosen colour, 2 to 3 coats will be required, each of which takes between 3-24 hours to dry, depending on if the varnish is water-based or oil-based.

Floor Installation

  1. Remove Baseboards & Quarter rounds
    These fixtures usually serve to hide the inevitable imperfections of where your floor meets your wall. As such, they need to be reapplied after the installation of your floors has been completed. If desired, we will remove these so as to preserve their reusability upon floor installation completion.
  2. Removal of Old Floor
    While the necessity of this step varies from case to case, we do offer this service if needed. We’ll remove your old floor with care to preserve the quality of your subfloor to the best of our ability.
  3. Subfloor Preparation
    This necessity of this step also varies from case to case. We’ll evaluate the quality of your subfloor and advise you accordingly. If necessary, we provide plywood installation services for $1.75/sq.ft.
    We also apply tar paper, or wax paper, depending on the environment’s potential for humidity.   
  4. Installation & Reapplication of Baseboards + Quarter Rounds
    We start the installation in the hallways, and progress into the main rooms to ensure proper alignment. We also reapply the baseboards & quarter rounds removed in the 1st step.


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