Tailored Staircasing

Staircases are one of the most heavily used traffic routes in your home. The beating they take through daily ascension and descension is incomparable to any other surface in your home. Whether or not you consciously acknowledge it, every time you take the stairs, you’re putting all your faith in the steps below you to support your intention not to tumble towards your untimely demise.

Such a crucial piece of your home deserves uncompromised quality and care, and experienced hands to drive its assembly. We ensure consistent step-dimensions and strong support to give you a lifetime of reliable climbing experiences.

Your staircase is more than a workhorse, however. It also acts as one of the centerpieces of your home. Depending on your home’s layout, it may even be the first thing noticed upon entry. We firmly believe that finishing a staircase, of which you can be proud, requires a separate skill set than finishing floors. We’ve spent decades refining that skill.

Whether you’re looking to install a brand-new staircase from the ground up, or revitalize an existing one, we ensure that only the best quality materials are used, and that our workforce is armed with the perfect tools and techniques for the job.

Our Process

Staircase Construction & Installation

  1. Consultation
    We will sit down with you to determine a feasible solution to your staircasing needs based on your budget and home’s layout. 
  2. Architectural Proposal
    In consideration of the consultation phase, we will assemble and present you with a mock-up to ensure your satisfaction with the intended direction of your new staircase.
  3. Construction
    We will put our near-handful of decades’ experience into constructing a staircase whose structural integrity, and long-term viability can be depended upon unequivocally.
  4. Finishing
    We will seal, polish, and varnish your finished staircase to give it a premium aesthetic and feel.

Staircase Refinishing

  1. Sand
    This is a 2 or 3 step sanding depending on your intention to stain the final product. We start with a rough grit to ensure a level surface, and gradually move to finer grits to eliminate imperfections. We typically complete the sanding of a staircase in one day, depending on its size and complexity.
  2. Seal
    The sealant, or protective layer, is applied on the same day the sanding occurred, to ensure that the newly sanded staircase is protected from damage and debris during the renovation process. The sealant dry time is near-immediate.
  3. Polish
    Polishing is done after the application of the sealant, and after every coat of varnish applied to the staircase. Typically first done the day after the sealant is applied, the polishing step gives your staircase a premium look and feel.
  4. Varnish
    Varnishing your staircase will give it a coloured tone. Depending on the chosen colour, 2 to 3 coats will be required, each of which takes between 3-24 hours to dry, depending on if the varnish is water-based or oil-based.


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