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How to choose the perfect floor covering for your interior renovation

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If you are a homeowner or planning to build your home in the near future, are you aware of how many questions arise during construction projects? Among these, the question of course arises: which floor covering should I choose for my current or future home? Today, we invite you to explore the various floor coverings available on the market. To your hammers!

Hardwood flooring: a prime choice

We begin our review with a look at one of the most popular floor coverings: hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are available in slats or boards of varying lengths and widths and can be made from many types of wood: oak, maple, cherry, etc.

The main attraction of hardwood flooring is its richness. This type of flooring adds a unique touch to any room in your home. In addition, people really appreciate it, especially since it is easy to clean, durable and can boost the resale value of a home.

However, hardwood floors dislike humidity.

Engineered wood: an excellent alternative to hardwood floors

Now let’s continue with the engineered wood floor. This type of flooring is very similar to hardwood. This relatively inexpensive covering was designed to replace solid wood traditionally used in the construction industry and can take the form of plywood or glulam.

Whatever the shape, engineered wood comes in a wide variety of types, patterns and board widths. Depending on the case, it can be nailed, like a wooden floor, glued or installed as a floating floor under a subfloor.

Engineered wood is easy to install, stable and robust, and is well suited for basements and other more damp areas of the home, which is not always the case with other flooring.

Tiles, ceramics and others

Ceramic and other tiles are also very popular choices. When your budget is limited, porcelain tiles are the most affordable solution. They combine the beauty and toughness of stone, but are much cheaper and easier to maintain than marble, granite or quartz, for example. Tiles are often the best choice for areas of the house with heavy circulation.

Vinyl: when a low budget and covering work perfectly together

Now let’s turn to vinyl, one of the most affordable floor coverings of the moment. This material is best suited for bathrooms, basements or other high humidity areas of the home. Vinyl is also easy to clean and very comfortable underfoot. It is available in sheets and self-adhesive tiles. In addition, it is sold in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses. The choice is yours.

Choose the best floor covering for your home

There you have it! Now you know a little more about residential floor coverings. Of course, there are many others, such as bamboo, linoleum, cork and concrete. Perhaps they will be the subject of a future article? To be continued…

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