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How does the Renovation Quebec program offered by the province work?

Are you planning a major home renovation project, but not sure you have the financial resources to complete it? Your municipality may be able to help you achieve your goals.

The Renovation Quebec program established by the provincial government allows owners of eligible residential buildings to receive financial assistance for their housing-related renovation and construction work. To learn more and to find out if you are eligible for a grant, read the rest of this article!

What is the Renovation Quebec program?

The primary goal of the Renovation Quebec program is to help municipalities revitalize their run-down residential areas through financial grants to building owners.

Municipalities participating in the program can therefore provide a pre-determined amount of money to homeowners who want to undertake home renovations, in order to reduce their personal investment. There are costs associated with hiring a renovation contractor, and not everyone can necessarily afford to pay these costs easily.

Who is eligible for the Renovation Quebec program?

To be eligible for the Renovation Quebec program, you first have to make sure that your residential building is in a sector covered by your municipality’s program. A host of criteria can be added to this, depending on the specifics of the program established by your municipality.

Renovation Quebec: What types of renovations are eligible for the program?

Since the Renovation Quebec program was designed for revitalization purposes, work that is not considered essential renovations is not eligible. For example, you will not be eligible for financial assistance for the construction of an in-ground pool or a new porch.

The work covered by the program includes the repair of major defects, residential renovations, facade repairs, the redevelopment of dwellings, the enhancement of architectural elements and the construction of a new residence.

How do I register for the Renovation Quebec program?

If you think you are eligible for the program and want to apply for financial assistance, start by contacting your municipality. The person in charge will look at the various conditions that apply to your city’s program, such as the targeted sectors, eligible work and any other factors that may specifically apply to your municipality.

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