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Should you choose standard or custom stairs?

A true decorative element, the staircase often plays a central role in the home. However, choosing the right element for your interior is no simple matter. Above all, you have to consider whether you want to use a standard and more common staircase, or a custom-designed staircase, and the answer will not only depend on you.

Without further ado, discover some tips on how to choose between a standard staircase and a custom staircase.

Choose between standard and custom based on the shape and model of the staircase

The choice you make between a standard or custom staircase will mainly depend on the requirements of your stairwell and the type of staircase you want to install. You can choose between a straight, 1/4 turn, 2/4 turn or spiral staircase depending on what suits you best. However, it should be noted that these different types of stairs are not necessarily adapted to all spaces and some adjustments may have to be made. For example, the slope between the bottom and top of your stairwell may be too steep or too gentle for a standard staircase.

In addition, the stairs are subject to safety rules imposed by the Régie du bâtiment. Your choice of staircase will have to adapt to these constraints so that your finished product will meet the standards. They notably require a guardrail, which is not possible on all types of stairs, depending on the space you have available.

Standard stairs: cost-effective, but not always suitable

The standard staircase has predefined measurements for all its components. The dimensions of the steps and risers, the width and length of the staircase, as well as the number of steps, are therefore not customizable. However, some woodworkers may offer you some alternatives, such as for the materials used in the railing.

Although the dimensions of a standard staircase are non-adjustable, you could use a base to compensate for a shorter length or, conversely, re-cut the first step in height if it is too long. However, if the dimensions of your hopper and floor elevation differ by more than one inch from the measurements of a standard staircase, a custom staircase is recommended to provide additional safety.

The custom staircase, for maximum safety and personal style

A customized staircase is manufactured to meet your dimensional requirements and comes with several advantages.

The appearance of your custom staircase will entirely depend on your taste. This lets you choose the materials that will be used during the design process. You can rest assured that your staircase matches the rest of your home. Furthermore, there are many options to choose from, such as the type of railing or the use of risers.

A custom staircase is also very safe since it is properly aligned with the ground and will avoid any imbalances that could cause people to trip over. Likewise, your custom-made staircase will fit perfectly into your hopper. It will therefore not have a gap with the floor where objects could get stuck or fall to the lower level.

Design your custom staircase today with Plancher Metropole!

While the standard staircase is more affordable, it often has fewer advantages than a custom staircase. A custom staircase is designed for you and made to suit your desires: from the material used and the shape of the staircase to the railing and risers, you can customize your staircase from A to Z while respecting the architectural constraints of your home.

At Plancher Metropole, we have several decades of experience designing custom staircases that we are proud to offer you in order to provide a result that meets your every need. Do you have any further questions? Contact Plancher Metropole! Our team of professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have.