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What are the best flooring options for the basement?

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Designing your home’s basement is a great idea if you want to have an extra room to enjoy. There are many aspects to consider when it comes to making this exciting project a reality. One of these, of course, is flooring. In this article, we will identify the best flooring options for the basement to help ensure that your project is carried out without a hitch.

Your home’s basement: a space like no other

The basement is a unique space that is a little different from the other rooms in the house. Indeed, the ambient humidity level in this room can sometimes be much higher than elsewhere in the house. When water damage occurs in a residential dwelling, it usually happens in the basement. You should therefore consider these aspects when choosing your new flooring.

Moreover, since the basement tends to be put under strain, especially if it is used as a playroom or entertainment room, it makes sense to choose hard-wearing and durable materials – both for use and for humidity.

The best basement flooring options

Ceramic and vinyl are among the materials that are most resistant to moisture and the daily stresses of life. These two types of flooring are highly suitable for a basement, since they are both water-resistant and durable.

In addition, ceramic and vinyl tiles are available in a wide range of sizes and colours, which means you can choose the best product for the atmosphere you want to create.

Can’t install a wooden floor?

Of course, you can always install a hardwood floor in the basement if you wish. Consulting a professional flooring company can also be a good idea to ensure that the conditions allow it.

However, if you love the look of hardwood floors and want to minimize the costs involved in buying flooring, today’s vinyl floors closely resemble the colours and textures of real hardwood.

Choose the best flooring for your basement

Choosing the right flooring for your basement is essential for avoiding problems and inconveniences. When making your choice, remember that wood floors can be just as viable a solution as ceramic and vinyl. The important thing is to have quality work done and get a certified professional to do it.

At Plancher Metropole, we have more than 40 years of experience in the business. We will be delighted to assist you in choosing the best flooring for your basement. Contact us for more information.